My baby is not a chew toy!

I think I have finally calmed down enough to where I can post this without flying into a fit of rage.

Let me start at the beginning.

I have always know that Nathan has cute adorable cheeks.  The kind of cheeks you can just take a bite out of!

Well, today someone did just that!

At around 5 the daycare called Cornel to inform him that there had been some sort of "incident" at daycare.  Apparently some kid bit Nathan.  I being the cool level headed person I am almost lost it when he told me! I mean, there are 5 ladies in the room to take care of 20 kids!  How was no one around when some kid used my son as a chew toy!  Cornel proceeded to inform me that the daycare director told him it wasn't so bad, that it was just a small bruise.  I was not appeased, but decided to let it go until we could go and pick him up.

I knew walking into the daycare that I was setting myself up.  I was angry before I walked in the door.  As soon as I saw him, I lost it.

This wasn't just a BRUISE his cheek had blood!  I was livid!!

The girl in his room was very nice.  She explained the situation calmly and I knew it wasn't their fault.  I was accepting this when I put him into daycare.  Then she told me that this "child" had also bitten another little girl.

She smiled.  I didn't.  You let a serial biter run loose with the other kids??

I should say that Nathan was fine.  Smiling.  Laughing.  Playing.  He was obviously not affected by this incident at all.  Which is probably why I should have been more calm.

We proceeded to the lobby to put on his socks/shoes/coat etc. when the daycare director came by and asked if we wanted to talk.


So we walk into her office and all hell broke loose.  I usually hate dealing with these kind of situations.  Mostly because I cannot adequately articulate in French and I'm more intimidated than anything else.  Today there was no intimidation!

I'm not really sure what was said.  But I was angry.  Cornel said it was the first time he had seen me behave this way, like a mother protecting her young.  From what he describes I looked a little like this.

Thank God he was there.  Out of the two of us, he is the one that always maintains a level head.  After I screamed and cried.  I felt better.  Then being the person that I am.  I apologized profusely for my behavior.

We walked out of there and I still didn't feel better.  I realize that things like this are going to happen.  I just didn't want them to happen to my baby!

On Monday when we go back to daycare I am going to ask if my son has to be bitten, that they at least give him the other cheek to make them even!

And as for Nathan, it is just his bad luck for having been born with "des joues a croquer" ... "cheeks you could eat!"
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Kimberly said...

Oh no, poor Nathan :( Alexa has been bitten twice now - both drew blood and left a bruise, but never on the face! I probably wouldn't have kept my cool either (((hugs))) Mama.

Elle The Heiress said...

Ouch! I have a 4 year old brother who is VERY mean to my 2 year old son. He hits, punches, bites, pushes...anything you could think of! It's a tough situation because I can't keep my son away from his uncle and favorite playmate (which is weird, you would think that he would be too afraid to play with him), just like you can't keep Nathan away from daycare.

Hopefully it doesn't happen again!

Katie Vyktoriah said...

Hi there. Found your blog through Theta Mom and had to check you out. I, too, am an American expat living abroad, though I have the easier task of living in an English-speaking country... namely, England. ;)

I can't believe you've had to deal with your precious little baby being BITTEN! It beggars belief! I think I would have lost it, too. SO glad that if I ever have to deal with anything like this, I won't have any language barriers to trying to get my absolute RAGE across. :)

Glad that he seems unaffected, though. Bless his little heart!

Jessie Szmanda said...

Ohhh poor Nathan!!! What a story, man I was angry for you just reading this! Poor baby boy!

Cristina said...

I would have been just as mad!! What a carnivore!!!

va_grown said...

Oh, I'm right there with you on angry! That is terrible! My little Speedracer was bit on the cheek a couple months ago, and I totally saw red (your bear picture is hilarious, by the way) and that didn't even break the skin--just a terrible bruise.

Did they say they talked to the parent? Our babysitter told us that the last bite (the first on the face) was the final straw for her and she told the parents that any other biting they would have to find other daycare. Funny thing is, their older daughter was also a biter and bit my daughter on the arm when they were at the sitter together several years ago.

Ugh! You know the kid is doing it at home too and the parents know about it.

Barbara said...

They actually told us on Monday that the parents decided to take their child out of the daycare. I feel terrible about that (I can't imagine if I had to take Nathan out of daycare) but I have to admit that I send him to school a little bit reassured. Apparantely this child had a biting problem, these weren't the first 2 incidents. So sad.

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