Move over SpeedRacer

This past Saturday we went to the a shopping center on the outskirts of town in order to buy all of the souvenirs and gifts that we are taking back with us.  We loaded up the cart with chocolates, spices & herbs, cookies, etc.  We usually avoid going all the way there because it takes forever and there are always SO many people!

Well, while we were there Nathan started checking out the little coin operated car.  He loves his tiny little car so I can only imagine what he thought when he saw the big one!  We were waiting for Cornel to come back from the Pharmacy so I decided to put him in the car just to gage his reaction.  He was so excited and moving the steering wheel.  Where did he learn that?

He was content just sitting in the car but his daddy wanted to see him driving.  So 2 euros later (it has really gone up since the quarter it used to cost when I was a kid) Nathan was driving his very first car!

It was so adorable!

We also wanted to go and take Nathan to see Santa.  Last year he was only a few weeks old, so I was excited to see his reaction.  Sadly the French Santa was pathetic - thin with dark eyebrows.  You think the Malls could have tried a little harder to fill the role.  So sadly, this is the closest that Nathan got to seeing Santa this weekend.

Luckily he is the kind of kid that is very easily amused!

Sunday morning was perfection.  It was still cold outside so we all slept in (for Nathan 8:30 is sleeping in)!  After we woke up and had breakfast we had playtime in our PJ's.  Could you ask for anything more in life?

In the afternoon after lunch and nap time we all got dressed and headed out to meet Kim's newest addition Baby Jacob.  I had forgotten how small newborns actually are!  I don't even remember Nathan being so small, and it was only 12 short months ago!

Nathan got decked out in his new outfit from his Nana Beatriz and of course showing support for his favorite team (and mommy's Alma matter)!  Go Sundevils!

On a sidenote, I changed my blog design to be a little more festive during the holiday season.  What do you think?

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va_grown said...

I noticed the blog change right away--it's lovely. I like the vintage-y feel to it.

He looks like he had a great time. I'm sure there'll be better Santa's for him to see when you get here!

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