Family Moments

I have been so looking forward to this vacation for so many reasons.  Besides being home and being able to catch up with family & friends, I was really looking forward for Nathan to meet all of his cousins especially since they are so close in age.

Today, inspite of a 2 AM wake-up call (I'm still waiting for him to adjust to the 9 hour time change) we got ourselves ready and headed out to make the introductions.  I should have known we were doomed from the very beginning since he fell asleep in the car.  He is always a grouch after naptime! 

As soon as we parked he woke up - and he woke up in a mood.  Where is the baby medication when you need it.  We thought he would cheer up once he got inside and saw the kids - WRONG.

His cousin Dante (who is only 2 weeks older) was so excited to see him.  He ran over and tried to give him a hug, to which Nathan began crying and pushed him away.  Then Dante brought over his little cars and gave one to Nathan.  Nathan rolled it on the floor and proceeded to steal the one his cousin was playing with.

In other words - he wanted NOTHING to do with him.  He was being mean and cranky.  I'm a really that mom?  I was so disappointed and a little embarassed.  My child is surrounded by kids all day at daycare and he plays great with them.  Why was he being so mean to his cousins?  We figured it was because of his short nap so we decided to call it a day and try again later.

It might not have lived up to what I was expecting, but I do have to admit it makes me so happy to finally have Nathan be surrounded by family.  It is what has been missing this entire year.  I can only imagine what it would be like if we were living closer and the chaos that these two kids would cause on a daily basis.  Just like I was growing up with my cousins.

So this week I'm so grateful for:

1) Family Moments - and having the chance to tell them later about their first encounters.  Having Nathan be hugged and held by all these people that have been waiting to meet him.

2)  Christmas @ home - I haven't been home since 2007 and I'm so grateful to be able to share this time and this Christmas with my family.

3)  Good Friends - that have taken the time to come and visit us while we have been hiding away trying to recover from jet-lag.

4) Grandparents - I didn't grow up with grandparents so I'm so happy that Nathan is getting spoiled and that he loves them as much as they love him.  It is truly such a special relationship.

5) The hubs flying in tomorrow!  It has been great to spend time with the baby and my parents alone, but I'm missing Cornel and can't wait for him to fly in tomorrow!

6)  Homecooked meals.  I love cooking, but there is nothing like "mom's" home cooking.

7)  Holiday memories in the making.

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Ines Ofelia said...

oh cielos!! y eso que faltamos nosotros.... estamos esperando a agarrarlo un poquito cansado o bien que se haga a la idea porque somos 5 contra 1, mas las dos tias que se mueren por conocer al hermoso cacheton.... saludoss.....

va_grown said...

So happy that you get to spend special time with your family. Just wanted you to know we were thinking about you and praying for you to have a wonderful holiday being back home!

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