Deja December?

This year has flown by way too quickly and now there are only a few weeks left before 2011!  Crazy.  Luckily these next few weeks I will spend mostly on vacation.  Thank goodness, because work lately has been kicking my derière!  So much to do and not enough time, isn't this always the case?

The snow still hasn't stopped falling and sadly we were able to make it into the office.  While it is absolutely gorgeous outside it is so incredibly cold!  It doesn't seem like the snow is going to let up and they are calling for -12℃.  I have no idea what that means, but it sounds cold! I still struggle with temperature conversions, that's what I get for never learning the metric system.  Thank you US Education system!

But enough about the weather, a mild milestone happened this evening.  Usually when we get home from work/daycare I immediately put Nathan in his highchair and begin feeding him whatever concoction I have on hand for him.  Why?  Well because his last snack at daycare is at 3:30 and we usually don't get home until 6 - 6:30.  I mean with a three hour break wouldn't you be starving??

This usually turns out into a big battle since Nathan eats a few bites and then turns his head and clenches his jaw shut.  He then continues to wail until we let him out of the chair.  This will usually result in a STARVING child before bedtime who is super cranky to say the least.

Well today, thanks to work and the snow storm we didn't pick up Nathan until after 6 and by the time we made it home it was close to 7.  As I proceeded to take off the first 5 layers of clothing I had on (OK, just my coat and sweater), Nathan began playing quietly with his toys.  He was giggling and and babbling, so I just let him be.

Then the sweetest thing...he came over to me, grabbed me by the hand and walked me to his highchair.  As soon as I put him inside he began happily banging on the table and smacking his lips.  As he dined on his macaroni and zucchini fondue (doesn't that sound fancy) he started clapping his hands!

Wouldn't you know.  My son actually lets me know when he is hungry.  I don't have to force feed him!  Who knew?I wish someone would have let me in on this secret months ago!  We could have been having enjoyable family dinners together.  I guess better late than never!
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Kimberly said...

I could have wrote that myself about the eating, its always a battle. I don't get home until 6:45 and then dinner is always after 7, but I fear if I waited it out Alexa would starve - the girl just doesn't care about eating! But I may just have to try it after all its not like she is eating much the way it is.

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