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When I first started writing this blog over two years ago (how has it been this long) it was only as a way to keep my family updated as we began an adventure overseas.  Then after Nathan was born, I started using it as an outlet for my joys and frustrations.  One of the best things that I have come to love about blogging is all of the great people I have "met" who all share similar experiences.  It is so refreshing sometimes to know that you are not alone - not only in the mommy moments but just in this crazy journey we all call life.

One of the blog I have started following is Jamie over at Walking in High Cotton and she has graciously tagged me in a "get to know you" kind of game in this blogging world.

So now, onto the challenge....

{1.  What is your favorite thing about your house?}
I love my open kitchen!  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I am so glad that I never have to be separated from my family as they play or spend time in the family room.  I love that it is the room where we share our meals and a room where I can easily entertain.  The entire reason for us buying our house was this kitchen and it has yet to disappoint.

{2.  If you could change anything about your life right now what would it be?}
I would love to be closer to home.  I wish that Nathan could grow up closer to his grandparents and that we could have a bigger support system. 

{3.  Where would your dream vacation be?}
I'm still holding out hope that we'll get to go to Greece.  It has always been a dream of mine to see and tour Greece.  I'm hoping we can make a trip before making the big move back to the States.

{4.  What is one thing you have done that you sooo wish you could take back?}
Nothing.  I have made ALOT of mistakes, and have done some pretty dumb things (who hasn't).  All of these things have made me the person I am today so I wouldn't take any of them back.  Well, maybe I wouldn't get that perm back in 6th grade.  It took years for my hair to recover!!

{5.  What is your favorite thing about blogging?}
I love expressing myself through writing.  I've always enjoyed writing, but lets face it - it doesn't pay the bills so I had to chose a more dependable profession.  I also love that I get to connect with so many other people.

{6.  What is one thing that can turn your bad day into a good day?}

This smile can make me forget the worse day!

And now on to the fun part here are the bloggers that I'm "tagging" for the next round of questions!  Stop by and visit them if you have time, they are all a great read.

Natalie over @ {The Good Life}

Their questions should they choose to participate are the following:

1.  What’s your favorite movie of all time and why?
2.  Where would your dream vacation be?
3.  What did you want to be when you grow up?
4.  What is something you would happily do again?
5.  Why did you start blogging?
6.  What can turn your bad day, into a good day?

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Jessie Szmanda said...

Oh my gosh, absolutely love the blog! Thanks for the follow, I am following right back :)

Natalia Simmons said...

Ya, I totally love open kitchens, especially in France! Last year (we move every year) ours was kinda shut off and tiny and I hate that. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen too. Love it!

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