I never realized before how many random things happen to me throughout the course of one day.  Maybe I have become so accustomed to the randomness that it has become normal, or mabye it is just that I am oblivous to the outside world.

Whatever the case - now that Cornel is gone I am starting to realize the bizzare things that happen to me on a daily basis.

Take last week for instance.  As I was walking home (from the bus no less) pushing my soon-to-be toddler in his stroller I get approached by some random guy asking me if I'm Italian?  See random.  I politely tell him no - smile - and continue pushing towards home.  He then continues to invite me for a cup of coffee because as he tells me, I'm just beautiful. 

First off - every girl likes to be told she is beautiful, even if it is by creepy random men on the street.  Especially after having had a baby.  But really?  I'm pushing a stroller and my wedding ring is obviously showing - why would I go with a creepy stranger?  This is what happens to me for taking the bus!  As for the creepy stranger - I quickly ditched him and took the long way home in case he decided to follow us home!

And because this post is nothing if not random then let me just tell you that daylight savings time is kicking our behinds!  Growing up in Arizona, I never ever had to change the clocks.  You always knew what time it was, because it was always the SAME!  When I moved to South Carolina I had to experience Daylight Savings Time for the first time.  It was a disaster.  I never knew whether I gained an hour - lost an hour...etc.  The whole "fall back"/"spring forward" thing makes no sense to me.  After 25 years of never having to deal with it, it is to be expected I suppose.

But back to the story, I had NO idea that the clocks were changing on Saturday night.  So imagine my surprise when I walk Nathan into the playroom after breakfast on Sunday and notice that the cable box said 5:30 am.  Still a little groggy and without my morning coffee, I walk back into the bedroom and check the clock - 6:30 AM.  It took a while to dawn on me ... 

{Crap!  Daylight Savings Time}

Well, let me just tell you, that Daylight is kicking our asses!  Nathan is still waking up at 5:30 and going to bed around 6:30 PM.  I have tried to keep him up, but it doesn't work.  Mommy is exhausted and baby is exhausted!  At least I'm making it to work on time!  I can't wait for Spring when I get to sleep in the extra hour.  Or better yet, I can't wait for Cornel to get back so he can be on morning baby duty!

Halloween is over and I'm still feeling like a zombie!
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Jamie (@va_grown) said...

We have daylight savings this weekend. It throws everything off and I don't see the point. But I guess someone smarter than me (and obviously without kids!) figured out some brilliant reason why we need it. :) Hope it gets easier for ya!

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