Pancakes & Potting Soil

I have been wanting to make this recipe for banana pancakes FOREVER.  Well actually, only a couple of months - but you get the idea.

Photo & Recipe Credit:  Annies Eats

The only problem - waking up early enough on a Sunday morning to justify making pancakes.  Usually we just buy 2 extra croissants/pains au chocolate on Saturday so that all we have to do on Sunday is make coffee. {Which isn't so bad either}.

This weekend I was DETERMINED!  Why you ask?  Well because I had left-over bananas from Nathan's party that were about to go bad. 

Since Nathan had gotten the OK for {almost} all foods, I really thought we could share a breakfast as a family.  I woke up early and started in on the batter.  Cornel woke up and made the coffee.

{If I ever decide to do this again, I will make the coffee first}

While I worked on making the pancakes, Cornel whipped up some  chantilly (whipped cream).  There is nothing like team work!  After a while we were ready to eat.  We propped Nathan in his highchair and ploppled a pancake down in front of him.

At first he squeezed it in his hand.  Then he threw some over the side of the chair.  Then he just began banging them with his fists!  {Nothing makes a mom feel better than being appreciated}.

I tore off a piece of his mangled pancake and tried to put it in his mouth.  He happily opened up and after a few seconds he spit it back out!  WHAT?  I tried again, this time making sure he had a piece with a banana in it.  Same thing - out came the pancake.  Granted his didn't have whipped cream on it, but it wasn't bad!  After most of the pancake ended up on the floor.  We gave up.

He ended up having cereal for breakfast with what was left of the banana garnish.  {Pancake FAIL}!  I was sure he was going to love it!

Here is the part that I don't understand.  Now that Nathan is mobile, I find him eating the most obscure things.  His favorite snack is potting soil.  I find him "playing" by our potted plant.  There are toys that magically end up near the plant and the minute he is left unsupervised he takes a big handful of dirt and puts it in his mouth.  He LOVES it!  He giggles and goes back for more!  So this kid will eat potting soil but not pancakes. 

Next time I will be sure to add a small handful of the potting soil to the mix to entice him to eat breakfast!  This might be a breakthrough in baby nutrition.  At least it's organic!
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Natalia Simmons said...

ha! I love it! Sounds yummy. My husband is so regular he doesn't like to try new things... so regular pancakes for us. But maybe with bananas, he likes bananas, I can try that one!

Barbara said...

Can you believe that my husband had NEVER tried pancakes before this. He was so skeptical. I couldn't find any syrup at the store, so he didn't get the full "pancake experience". Maybe you can make a batch with and one without for your hubby, just in case! I miss my bisquick!

Katy said...

This makes me REALLY hungry. For pancakes. Not dirt. hee hee.

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