baby is not French, he's just drugged

Have you ever been to a crowded restaurant in the middle of the lunch rush?  If the answer is yes, then you know how noisy it is and how you can hardly hear the person sitting in front of you without having to raise your voice.  Well, things are much different on this side of the ocean.  Here you can almost hear a pin drop during lunch time. 

I still remember one of my first weeks here in France when I had lunch with the girls.  It was a gorgeous afternoon and we were enjoying lunch outside on a terrace.  Mind you, there were cars whizzing by us (well as much whizzing as they do here in Clermont) so we were speaking rather loudly.  Imagine the shock when the lady at the next table came over and told us to "keep it down".  That was my first introduction into social behavior here.  Apparently French people use their "indoor voices" even outdoors!

This doesn't just apply to restaurant.  I used to wonder why all French children where always so calm and well behaved.  I seriously thought these women had a secret they weren't telling.  How is is that a two year old can sit still for so long??  It was mind baffling!!

Well - the secret is out! 

A couple of weeks ago, Nathan woke up on the wrong side of the crib.  He was having "one of those days".  When we went to pick him up at the crèche (daycare) the girl told us that he was being a grouch.  Which granted is very {UNUSUAL} for Nathan.  She continued to tell us that he didn't have a fever and he didn't seem sick.  OK - I don't have a medical degree but I could have told you that he was just grumpy.  This is why what came next {SHOCKED} me!

The girl continued that because he was being such a grouch they gave him a dose of doleprene.  (Doleprene is the French equivalent of tylenol : a fever and pain reducer).  Excusez-moi!?!?

You knew my baby wasn't sick but you gave him drugs anyway? 

So there you have it.  That is the secret to why French kids are so well behaved.  When they are just having an "off" day - they just get drugged.  Craziness I tell you!

It took a while for the shock to wear off and now Cornel and I can joke about it.  Every time Nathan is getting a little wound up we joke that we need to get out the doleprene. 

So next time you wonder why my kid is so well behaved, it's not because he's French, it's because he's drugged up!
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Kimberly said...

Oh geez so *that's* the secret :P

You know I remember my nephew getting Tylenol all the time, he lived with me, (he is 9 now) and Alexa's has it like twice, I wonder if that is the same deal ;)

wendells said...

Ohemgee!!! That is crazy!

abinormal said...

Whoa. I would *flip.*

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