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I was so excited for Nathan's first Halloween.  My mom sent me the perfect costume - Mickey Mouse!  Since he has his very own stuffed Mickey that he loves and adores it was the perfect choice.  I had it all planned out in my head - until I realized that I live in France and there is no such thing as a Halloween celebration.  Bummer.

Then I found out that there was a small celebration in a small suburb outside Clermont.  Perfect!  Perfect that is until Cornel told me had to go out of town.  I couldn't believe he was going to miss Nathan's first Halloween.  Determined to go out and make holiday memories at any cost, I decided that Nathan and I would go solo.  I mean - this would have been a momentous event, right?

Well, the little guy ended up getting a stomach virus earlier in the week and it lasted through until Saturday.  Not to mention that the day woke up raining.  Ugh.  This Halloween was not meant to be.  The sun ended coming back up in the afternoon and I'm sure that I could have made it to the celebration, but by that point I was exhausted!

I am so not cut out (or at least I don't have the practice) to be a single mom.  Even a trip to the grocery store wore us out.  I just didn't have the energy to put the baby in a costume, plus put on his coat and then strap him into the stroller for a half an hour bus ride to attend this little festival.  In retrospect, since he was feeling better I'm sure I should have at least tried - but I didn't.  

I should have at least put on his little costume and let him parade around the living room.  How cute would he have looked crawling all around, Mickey ears and all?  But I didn't.  

So now I get to look at all of the cute Halloween pictures that my friends took.  Pictures of their kids dressed up in school.  Pictures of the little babies trick or treating, or just pictures of the cute kids all dressed up.  As for me, I have nothing.  No pictures to show.  No cute stories to tell.

Well, at least no costume pictures.  Check out this smile I got this weekend...

It makes me a little sad.  I'm not sure what was worse.  The fact that Cornel wasn't here to celebrate with us, since I'm sure we could have made it to the festival.  Or the fact that we live in a place that doesn't do small little traditions like Halloween, where instead of taking Nathan 30 minutes away, we could have gone up and down our neighborhood.

I suppose there is always next year.  Hopefully it will be a year where Nathan will get to experience pumpkin patches, and candy overloads.  Where he will get to have the experiences that other kids have.  That or his mother will just have to realize that being an American in France just makes our family different.

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Jamie (@va_grown) said...

Sorry, sounds like a bummer. But we have decided not to celebrate halloween anyway, so our kids didn't dress up either. I miss the cute pictures, but they had as much fun running around at the playground as they ever did marching up and down the street talking to strangers. And I made them little "fall festival" candy treats for dessert so they didn't completely miss out on the candy either. :)

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