Le Gastro

This tiny little word is used as the catch-all illness whenever someone has a problem with their stomachs.  You can either have a "petite gastro" or full out "gastro".

Why am I talking about stomach viruses?  Well because over the past 48 hours this house has become overrun by the dreaded {Gastro}!

It all started on Saturday morning when Nathan woke up.  He was standing on his crib as he usually does and I noticed that he had a little bit of vomit on his shoulder and sleeve.  I put him on the changing table while Cornel inspected the crib  There were little chunks all over his crib!  He had thrown up somewhere in the middle of night and had said nothing!  The poor kid.

He was in a good mood and so we decided to give him his normal breakfast.  {PARENTING FAIL}.  He upchucked the entire thing on the kitchen floor.  He had no fever, he was in a great mood.  Cornel took the executive decision to take him to baby swimmers anyway.  We assumed it would be good for him to get out.

He {LOVED}it!  He was having a great time splashing all over the place.  Squealing and laughing.  It was truly the best day of my entire weekend.

When we got back from baby swimmers and breakfast Nathan was exhausted.  We had been giving him fluids in small quantities throughout the day and he had managed to keep it all down.  In our own stupidity we thought he would be ready for a sensible dinner.  {WRONG}!  He upchucked all over my newly clean kitchen floor!

Poor little guy.  We cancelled our dinner plans - called off the baby sitter and settled in for a night with a sick baby.

Sunday was much better.  The baby was slowly eating and kept everything down!  We got out the Christmas stockings and decorations and went a little crazy.  Nathan had a great time with his Santa house and ornaments!  It was so amazing to see him involved in things he couldn't even focus on a year ago.

Then came this morning.  Nathan woke up like a champ.  He didn't eat very much, but kept everything down - two days in a row  {SUCCESS}!  I however was less than 100%.

I caught the dreaded gastro!  I spent most of my afternoon upchucking in the office bathroom, which trust me was not pleasant at all!  I came home crawled on the couch and am now recovering slowly.

I had big plans to write a post with pictures from the weekend, but in my state, I'm just lucky to be able to write it all down.  Please forgive me, I hope to be back to my old self by tomorrow.
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Natalia Simmons said...

What a bummer that you are so sick!! Ugh that stinks. I hope you are better soon! Just a heads up on the lights in Lyon if you go. People told me that it is really busy, so take the train and don't bring a stroller. It might not be a little kid kinda place. Maybe more of a date night. We will see!!

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