Deck the Halls!

It is finally Friday and I am so looking forward to this weekend.  While most of you are getting ready for a short week next week, I'm am just finally recovering from the four day weekend we had last weekend.  There will be no Thanksgiving celebration in our household this year, which means that we will get to jump full stream ahead to Christmas!

Halls will be decked, bells will jingle and sleigh bells will ring this weekend in our household!  Get ready for a Christmas explosion!  Well, no not really.  Since we are going to spend Christmas in the States this year, there won't be a tree, but the decorations will be out in full effect.  I can't wait to put up stockings and decorate just a little to get into the spirit of things!

It's hard to really begin our family traditions since we likely will never spend a Christmas in our own home.  We will more than likely always spend Christmas traveling, so I want to start little traditions that we can do before the "big" day.  So putting up stockings and other decorations rather than the big tree seem like a good compromise.

I spent all last weekend designing our Christmas cards and I LUV them!!

I'm still undecided about the picture.  It is one of the few pictures we have of the three of us.  This was taken back in August at Nathan's baptism and it is not his best picture.  I will try to see if we can get a nicer picture to put on the card, if not this one will have to do.  I already have a couple printed out ready to mail out tomorrow (EEK!)

Sunday the decorations are coming out and hopefully I can convince Cornel to help me get the festivities going!  I'm such a sucker for this holiday!

But Christmas will not be the only activity going on this weekend.  After a long absence, we are going back to baby swimmers.  Nathan hasn't been there in MONTHS!  First with the summer break, and then due to his daycare illnesses, and then due to just sheer laziness.  While I would like to say that I'm still a little too lazy to wake up so early on a Saturday, I'm excited to see Nathan's reaction when he sees the big pool again!  Now that he's mobile it's a whole new ball game.

As for now, work is done (Thank God) and the baby is bed.  It is time to curl up with the hubby, pour myself a nice refreshing beverage and settle in for a good movie on the couch.  Any suggestions!?

Happy Weekend everyone!

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Sara said...

Your Christmas card is beautiful!! What a great family photo!!

Quiana said...

Love your card!

Hanna said...

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