3 days

I'm starting to get really emotional and sappy about the big event coming up in three days.  I can't believe that soon I will be able to start measuring Nathan's age in years and not months.  This is so much harder for me as a realization that time with him is going by way to quickly!

Maybe I'm just delusion due to lack of sleep.  Although, we made some HUGE progress last night.  Nathan still managed to wake up at 5 but played "quietly" in his crib until I was ready to wake up at 6!  Little moments of heaven.

I was also able to get some baking started for the big day on Sunday.  Since the little guy went down at 7, this left me nothing but time to get things done!  Hopefully this will mean that I will be less stressed throughout the weekend, but highly doubt it.

And it's finally Thursday!  The day I thought would never come!!  I am so thankful for this Thursday because today is the day that Cornel gets home! 


After what seemed like an enternity (it was actually only 9 days), no more single mommyhood after tonight.  Well at least for a couple of weeks anyway!  I am going to be so thankful not to be on baby duty for a while.  Don't get me wrong, I adore my son, but I definitely need a break to take a nap!

And since it is Thursday, afterall, I need to give thanks for all of the great and amazing things in my life!

So this week....I'm thankful for:

1.  My hubby coming home

2.  Not having to take the bus or the tram tomorrow

3.  For God giving me the strength to keep it together this long alone

4.  My wonderful son who has made this entire year so amazing

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Alysha said...

awwww birthdays are so sweet! And hubs coming home makes it even better! :)

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