Thankful moments

It's Thursday again?  I'm honestly so glad it it's almost the weekend because it has been another one of those weeks.  Remember on Monday how I said that this would be the week that we wouldn't have to go and see the pediatrician.  Wow, how wrong was I.  Maybe I jinxed myself - I don't know.

No later than I wrote my blog did I receive not one - but two calls from the daycare about Nathan's fever.  Apparently it wasn't breaking and they needed us to pick him up and take him to the doctor immediately.  Either way - I was teaching a class and had no way of getting off work, so my dear sweet wonderful husband took the rest of the afternoon and rushed Nathan to the doctor.  The kicker, by the time he got to the doctor the fever had broken and Nathan was fine!  It is yet another ear infection and we are on another round of antibiotics.  We got referred to an ORL, or ear nose and throat as they call them here.  He was fine the rest of the week so we have yet to make the appointment, but sadly I'm afraid this day will come.  Anyway, the pediatrician prescribed Nathan to stay home for three days.  I have never missed more work than after putting Nathan in daycare.  Since I had taken days last week, Cornel was a trooper and stayed home for two days with Nathan.

He is feeling much better and is back in "school" and doing great - but then again he always does great Wednesday through Friday.

With all the stress that goes on in our lives there are some small moments that always seem to brighten up my day.  Small things that make me smile and help me hang on until the next small emergency and for that I'm thankful.

1)  Thankful for heat and for furnaces that work.  You see, our building is on collective heating and today was the first day they turned on the heaters!  Just in time for the frosty weather outside.

2)  Thankful for a husband who didn't even think twice about taking the time off work to care for Nathan since I had a full week at work.

3)  Teeth that have broken through the surface to make for a happy baby and a happy mommy

4)  Happy for websites that broadcast American television so that I don't have to miss a new episode or heaven forbid watch in French!  EEK.  And while we are at it, I'm thankful there are so many great shows I get to catch up on so that I hardly ever have to turn on the French television.

5)  Thankful that Cornel was able to get two weeks off in December and will be spending Christmas with us in Arizona.  And even more thankful that he was able to get on the same return flight back as Nathan and I!

6)  Amazing people like Terry who was able to calm me down without making me feel stupid due to "sick baby anxiety" (yes I just made that up - and yes I think it really does exist).

7)  Fresh baked bread that make even a reheated meal taste delicious.  Especially on those "I don't feel like cooking dinner so let's just eat bread and cheese" kind of nights.  Even if the bread arrives home a little soggy and slobbery!

And of course - thankful that it is finally the weekend and I can spend time with my wonderful little family!

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Natalia Simmons said...

I love it! Where are you living in France? We are in St Etienne, near Lyon. How exciting, I have found someone who knows what we are going through. What brings you to France? Do you speak French? I would love to, but it is hard to get out there, we have 2 kids now... Anyway, I am looking forward to following your blog!

Natalia Simmons said...

Yes, we have an Ikea! And I love it, I have already been there quite a few times. :) Clermont is not that far, I drove through there once coming from Periguex to St Etienne. It must get cold though! I am from California, so when it gets cold here, I don't know what to do! So fun to have someone who understands the life of living overseas. I will definitely be following your blog!

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