Organized Chaos

Today I was expecting to write about what a terrible day I had thanks to the National Strike here in France.  I was already forming all the words in my head on how to politely insult the French and how much these strikes screw up my life. 

In actuality the past 24 hours have been like there has been someone looking out for me.

It all started last nigth when - the man came by to fix my radiators!  There is finally heat in my house.  I didn't understand one word that was coming out of his mouth - but I loved him.  I'm easy like that. 

This morning as I was settling in to the disaster that was going to be my day I saw this...  This sweet little adorable face - toothbrush in one hand and mommy's make-up in the other.  My day was already looking up.

I started bundling Nathan up to go to Siberia when I realized I had left his scarf at the daycare the day before.  I put on his summer scarf (yes, he's chìc like that) and we were off.  When we got outside I was surprised to find that it wasn't so cold.  I was able to remove at least one layer of clothing to much to his happiness.

I prepared myself for the long one hour walk ahead of us, thinking that due to the strike there would be no buses or trams running.  Imagine how I felt when I walk by the bus stop and see the sign that says "prochaine bus 10 min" - next bus in 10 min.  I was in shock.  Nathan and I settled in for our 10 minute wait - it was better than the 30 minute walk downtown.  A small victory since I was sure the tram was on strike.

Imagine my surprise when I see the tram happily waiting at the station when we got off the bus.  It was as if he knew we were coming because as soon as I stepped inside, the doors closed behind me and we were off. 

We made it to the daycare only to find Nathan's scarf in his cubby.  Now I didn't have to make a special trip to buy a new winter scarf.

{Make mental note to scratch off to-do list}

The icing on the proverbial cake, however, was when I went in to make my BIG presentation at work to all of the European chief accountants of our company. 

I have been working for almost the entire month on this presentation and I was stressed to say the least.  Stressed because I thought my presentation had to be in French.  I spent hours trying to make sure I phrased things just right.  Hours repeating it in my head to make sure that I could be coherent. 

Imagine my surprise when I walked in and was told that I had to present in English as not everyone spoke French.  Seriously - it was almost as if I could hear angels singing.  What a relief.

So given the past 24 hours and the fact that it's Thursday I could list all of the things that I am grateful for; such as the bus in the morning or the heater guy coming by.  I could list them on in detail- but I won't because there is only one BIG thing I am grateful for this week.

I'm thankful for God having me back on days like today when I thought it would all fall apart!

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grlnxtdoor said...

I love your blog so much, Barbara! Congrats on the presentation, too! :)

va_grown said...

Boy was He looking out for ya! Isn't it nice to have those times to remind you not to lose it all the other times? :)

Quiana said...

isn't great when things work out? =)

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