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Remember when I took up sewing as a hobby?  I went out and bought my sewing machine and after a couple of projects the machine got put away and I thought it would end up in hobby heaven.  Just recently, however, I've dusted off the cobwebs and decided to put my machine to use.

The first thing I did was make these adorable "baby legs" for Nathan.  You see, while fashionable and super adorable - "Baby Legs" don't exist here in France and I am hardly going to to pay $15 plus $30 for shipping.  This left me no other option than to make my own.  I turned to my trusted friend google and found a quick tutorial on how to make them myself.  There truly is a tutorial for everything.

They were super easy and quick to make.  Not only can Nathan wear them on his legs, but also as arm warmers.  Now that the weather has turned cold they have come in handy.  I can put them on when he wears a short sleeve onsie and under his pants before we take him to brave the elements on our way to daycare.  Love them.  What I love even more is that instead of $15 I only paid 1 euro for the pair of socks! I wonder how many more I have to make to fully depreciate the machine?  Check out the finished product and my super cute model...

I've also used the sewing machine to hem a pair of pants that have been dragging on the floor for over a year.  The pitfalls of only being 5 feet tall.  In the very near future I have the intentions of hemming some curtains - but we'll see if this actually makes the cut after I finish the other gazillion things I have to do.

As for my life - I have finally started the preparations on Nathan's party.  I will hopefully have invitations out by the end of the week and have purchases a very pretty cupcake holder thanks to Ikea. Now if only the cupcakes could magically appear.

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Elle The Heiress said...

Cute! I need to use my sewing machine, but I'm super afraid of it. =(

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