Baby Kisses

Last Tuesday I dropped off Nathan at daycare like I do every morning.  On this particular morning, however, he started crying when I handed him over.  In the 8 months since I started working again, he has NEVER cried before.  I took him back in my arms to console him and to give him one last kiss before abandoning him in his emotional state.

Naturally, the entire day at work was miserable for me.  I kept wondering if he was okay - maybe he was crying because he was sick.  I wondered if I should have just taken him home and stayed with him that day.  I know it sounds extreme, but he seriously had never cried like that before.  Something had to be wrong.

I left work so nervous and anxious to go and pick up Nathan and make sure that everything had gone well.  I was not prepared for what I was about to witness.

Let me just say that normally when I pick up Nathan, his face lights up - arms get thrown in the air and he begins a mad dash towards the door to take him home.

On this particular day, I walked in and couldn't find Nathan.  There was no smiling baby. There were no arms in the air.  There was no tushy making a mad dash in my direction.  The ladies in the daycare were smiling at me and I looked to a small group of kids sitting on the "reading" mat.

My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw Nathan sitting on the mat and being kissed ON THE LIPS by a little girl.  No wonder he couldn't see me.

He was in heaven and had the biggest smile on his face as if the girl was feeding him chocolate!  Where did he learn this behavior?  Where did she??!!

Was it cute?  Yes. 

Was it funny?  Surely. 

I know that I will surely be reminding him of this event when he brings his first girlfriend home. 

I guess it's the germaphobe in me to think about all the germs that little girl passed onto to Nathan.  I mean has this kid not been sick enough lately?  Thanks to his little "kissing" adventure he know has a minor stomach virus.  That will teach him!

Maybe it was jealousy, since he has yet to voluntarily give his mommy a kiss!

Cornel, completely the opposite reaction.  He was like a proud peacock. Especially since it was the little girl putting the moves on Nathan.  Looks like we are going to have the "birds and the bees" talk way before we thought we would.  I mean, the kid isn't even a year old!  These little french girls move fast these days.

I suppose the big secret is out now as to why they call it "french" kissing!
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Anonymous said...

quiero ver foto de la nina que beso a mi nieto, para decirle que buenos gustos tiene.

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