Where's the Snooze?

Do you ever have so much to do that you just end up doing nothing at all.  Well, I do.  I can't really call it procrastination, just lack of drive at the overwhelming thought of all the things on my list.  Where do I begin?

This week has been insanity for me.  Aside from being super busy at work, I'm super busy at home.  I have created so many projects for myself that now I find it impossible to get through them all.  To start with, Nathan turns one year in two months!  TWO MONTHS!  That is just 8 short weeks!  And somewhere in these 8 weeks I have to find the time to plan his party, send out invites, and work on his one year photo book (sneak preview below).

All this in the two hours I have after Nathan falls asleep and before I'm so exhausted that I am on the verge of collapse.  And somewhere in all of this I should find the time to clean the house, cook dinner, eat dinner and prepare Nathan's dinner for the next night (he's hungry as soon as we get home, so his food must be ready).  I know that this is all self-created stress, but now that I've started all of these things I have an incessant need to finish them.  Why, oh why did I not begin all these things months ago?  And seriously, the last thing I want to do after a long day at work is tackle these projects.  I just want to sit on the couch with a glass of wine and some bon bons!  Wouldn't that be amazing?

I still remember the days when I would get home from work, go to the couch and watch re-runs of 90210 while eating a yogurt.  That was the life.  Now I consider it a good night if I can get an hour of TV watching before going to bed.

This is also augmented by the fact that since it is the first week of the month, I have to fend for myself as far as transportation is concerned.  Which means that after picking up Nathan at daycare on foot (granted it is across the street from my office), I have to strap him in the stroller so that we can take both a tram and a bus just to get home.  Ugh.  I hate public transportation.  How I wish that I could drive in Europe (remind me to tell you why I can't in a different post).

I'm hoping that during the weekend, I will be able to find at least two straight hours of uninterrupted time where I can at least knock out one project off my list.  Of course knowing me, for every one project that comes off, another 3 will get put back on!

I am welcome to any suggestions on staying motivated!
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Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Aww what a cutie!
Just found your blog through another blog. Have a great night!

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