Here We Go Again

It's only been about 3 weeks since Nathan recovered from his stomach virus and now we can add head cold to his repertoire of illnesses.  Great!  I knew that when we made the decision to put him into daycare that we would be exposing Nathan to all kinds of germs.  I knew that he would get sick more often.  I was expecting it and thought it would be good for his immune system.  I did NOT however, think that it would happen the first week of daycare.  I mean seriously, today is exactly one week since he started and already he is sick.  And he is so sick that he might have to stay home.  Wonderful!  I'm trying to remind myself what was good about daycare to begin with.

Well, at least I do have to say that we are handling this illness much better than we handled the last one.  There has been no trip to the emergency room, at least not yet.  No urgent and panicked calls to the pediatrician's office.  He did have a mild fever this afternoon and we gave him some baby doleprene and brought it down.  His appetite is down and he has been very needy.  Not that I mind, I love baby hugs, I just wish that I could make him feel better.

What is the worst part is that with his trouble breathing he wakes up during the night.  He went right to sleep about an hour ago and has woken up about every 15 minutes.  Last night he woke up ALOT during the night.  Luckily Cornel usually stays up late and is there to console him, but nobody is going to be well rested tomorrow!  I hope that this cold goes by fast and that we are able to get back on track.  I was so spoiled to the first 9 months without a sick baby and to have one sick back to back like this is emotionally draining!  I think it is much worse on me than it is on him.  I just want to hug him and make him feel better!

I need some tips on how to make mommy feel better when the baby is sick!
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