I finally have the time to write about a very momentous occasion that happened in my child's life last Thursday afternoon.  No he isn't walking or talking yet - I'm talking about eating his very first pain au chocolate (chocolate croissant)!

Every afternoon on our way home from work we stop by the most adorable boulangerie (bakery) - Maison Vacher for some fresh baked baguettes!  Usually Cornel runs in while Nathan waits in the car - but for some reason we decided to all go in together.  As soon as Nathan saw the girls behind the counter - he went into action.  You see my son is a natural born charmer - he turned on the googly eyes, the big smile and a coo here and there and all the girls there were smitten.  So smitten - that they gave him his very own mini pain au chocolate.

We have never given him chocolate before... come to think of it, we have never given him sugar before, but since this was a gift and since he is so close to one year we figured it couldn't hurt.  Not that we had much of a say since as soon as the girl handed it to him, he grabbed it and put it straight into his mouth.

We put Nathan in his car seat and proceeded to go the 5 minutes home.  I couldn't believe how he was tearing into it.  There were crumbs all over him - his hair, his nose, his hands and all over his clothes and car seat.  He was in heaven.

When we got home, we put him straight into his high chair to try and contain the madness!  He devoured the ENTIRE thing!  As if that wasn't enough he still opened his mouth as if asking for more!  

I'm afraid it is true what they say - chocoholism is a hereditary disease!  I'm solely to blame for passing this along to him.

It's a good thing he looks so cute with his face covered in chocolate!

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Katy said...

Awwww....who can blame him? Pain au chocolat is DELICIOUS!!!!

Quiana said...

oh wow! he is in heaven =) and this is making me hungry!

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