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On Thursdays I typically write about all of the things that I am thankful for during the week.  I haven't done this the entire month of September.  Rather than being Thankful for anything, I have been wallowing in a pool of self-pity.  I have realized that my behavior lately has been that of a spoiled child and I seriously need to grow up.

You see, this Sunday is my birthday.  And it is a BIG one!  Rather than being excited about it, I have been depressed over the fact that I will be spending it in France (rather than back home with friends/family).  That we aer alone out here and basically that this is not how I expected to be spending this birthday.

This birthday depression began back in January and my dear sweet husband planned for us to go out of town this entire week so that I wouldn't focus on the little things.  So while I was supposed to be on the côte d'azur sipping on a glass of wine, instead I am in cold, cloudy Clermont-Ferrand.  This is because on Monday we got a call from the daycare that Nathan was sick, again!  This time we took him to the pediatrician who diagnosed him with laryngitis and an ear infection - and so we cancelled our trip.  It was for the best since obviously my son's health and well-being come first.  I just wish that my poor baby can catch a break soon and start feeling better.  In case you are keeping track this is the third straight week that Nathan has been sick.  I feel horrible that nothing I do can make him better!

It is this week that I realized how much I really have to be thankful and grateful for and that I need to snap out of this selfish birthday depression!  I mean seriously - I am NOT alone on my birthday, I have my wonderful son and husband by my side.  Is there a better way to spend my birthday?  I mean sure having a nice drink on the beach would have been nice, but I would have been sharing it with my husband and son.  Does it matter what the scenery is? 

And so, even though it isn't Thursday, I have to give thanks for all the wonderful things in my life.

1) Thoughtful husband who has gone out of his way to make sure I have a great birthday
2) Being able to celebrate another birthday (there are people who are not so lucky)
3) That Nathan is getting healthier every day
4)  Having had the chance to celebrate the going away of a dear friend last Friday while Cornel stayed home to take care of the baby
5) Having the opportunity to live in a foreign country and soak in new experiences
6)  The wonderful people I have had the chance to meet here

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