Romanian Holiday - Week 1

I know that it has been over a week since my last post and I have been completely neglecting this blog while I am on vacation. It has been non-stop since we arrived last Monday morning; between family visits and shopping we haven’t had much time for ourselves. We did get a chance to visit and have lunch at the restaurant where we got married two years ago. It is so strange to be back with Nathan. We left two and came back three. It was so incredibly special to be there.

But if you ever visit Romania and you go out to eat, please be careful what you order. You never know when they will try and give you “Crap in Sauce”!

Nathan survived his first red-eye flight from France to Romania including a one hour lay-over in Vienna. After having flown a low-cost airline to Madrid in June and now flying Austrian Airlines; I doubt that I will ever fly low-cost with a baby again. Austrian took such great care of us from the check-in and even during the flight. They gave Nathan his own rattle which kept him entertained not only through the flight but through the week.

The heat here has been unbearable; in the high 90’s and low 100’s and most places don’t have air conditioning. This is why we took advantage and spent two days at the Bulgarian sea side; but more to come on that later. It is a bad flashback to my life in Phoenix, except a little bit worse. At least in Phoenix I had the refuge of my air conditioned office, car and home; this is not always certain here. Earlier this week we sought refuge in a grocery store to try and escape the heat only to find out there was no air conditioning! Wow did I wish I was a frozen chicken to spend some time in that nice cooler. I don’t care if it is a dry heat or not, it is HOT and we have been trying to find creative ways to stay cool.

It is also kind of sad when it is cooler outside than in. This is why we have also sought out refuge on terraces with fans and misters; and of course drinking an ice cold beer is always a good way to stay cool. I guess that is why the beers are huge! Little did I know when I ordered a bottle of beer that I would get served this bad boy!!

Beating the heat hasn’t been all bad. It has given us an excuse to go the many shopping malls all around the city. I think Bucharest has more shopping malls per square capita than any where else in the world (please not this is not a real statistic but my personal opinion). And while my sister-in-law took care of Nathan, Cornel and I did something we hadn’t done since Nathan was born … go to a movie! We saw Shrek in 3D at the IMAX theatre and I was so thankful it was in English!

As for Nathan he has become incredibly spoiled. I don’t even think spoiled is even the right word anymore. He has been spoiled by grandparents; great- grandparents; aunts and uncles, etc. It is going to take us an entire nine months just to get him back to normal. He has gone on giraffe rides (look out Sophie there is some competition in town) and gotten showered by gifts, toys and clothes. And oh yeah, he now refuses to ride in his stroller and prefers to be held 24/7; this is the first habit that will get broken as soon as we get home.

Probably the most amazing thing that has happened on this trip is that Nathan got to meet his great-grandparents! This was incredibly amazing for me because I didn’t even grow up with grandparents let alone great-grandparents! I can’t even imagine what it felt like for them to have four generations of their family together in their home. I hope that Nathan realizes one day what a lucky kid he is!

And now that we are back from the sea, I can finally spend some time reading all the blogs I’ve missed, and of course downloading the hundreds of pictures that we have so far from this trip!
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