Goodbye Hello

I can't believe that it is already the middle of August.  It is hard to believe especially since it is so cold.  I had to wear a sweater to work this morning.  I also can't believe that this is the last week that Nathan will be spending with Iliana, our amazing friend who has been watching Nathan since I have gone back to work back in February.

It was so hard at first to leave Nathan.  I felt like such a terrible mother for choosing to work outside the home.  I could not have imagined what a blessing it would be to find someone like Iliana to take care of Nathan.  She not only takes care of him, she loves him as if he was her own.  She plays with him, takes him on walks, teaches him things and is just wonderful.  Nathan's face lights up when he sees her, and every time we go to pick him up he is smiling and laughing.  It is little things like that which make going to work bearable.  I know that he is going to be sad not going back.  I'm a little sad not taking him back and saying goodbye.

After vacation it's going to be Bonjour Daycare!  I don't know how I'm going to react having to leave my son with strangers.  I'm sure he will do fine, and hopefully he will make friends.  Well as good a friends as a 9 month old can make.

He will be bringing home arts and craft projects and will hopefully be teaching me french in a few months! Wouldn't that be great, my own personal translator?

And so again on Thursday...I'm thankful for many things.

1.  Wonderful friends who love my son like family.

2.  The amazing things my son has learned the past 6 months

3.  The excitement and anticipation of all the new things he will learn at "school"

4.  Having this sweet little face to look at every single day

oh...and be sure to follow more Thankful Thursdays at The Tarr Pit.

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mamahood said...

found you on the tarr pit ;) is so wonderful when you find someone great to watch your child!! Makes the work day a little less stressful and living in france what an amazing place to be =)

Alysha said...

so happy that you have such loving people to watch nathan while you are at work. I bet that really makes it at least a pinch easier to do whatyou need to do! Power to ya! :)

Gini said...

so sorry i am late commenting this week but things have been super crazy so i guess i'm glad to find the time to comment at all:)

working outside of the home is hard. and i feel bad some days because really i choose to. we could probably make ends meet if i stayed home, but i felt i made a better wife and mother because i work. some women are meant to stay home with their babies and i'm just not one of them. my sil comes to my house to watch claire and i am thankful for her every day! (note to self: include her in my thankful list this week). thanks for the reminder and great post.

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