Baptism Update

It is hard to believe that Nathan will be getting baptised in just two short weeks, and in Romania no less.  I am so excited since we also got married in Romania and it's so special for me to be able to go back and baptize our first child there.  Taking care of the preparations has been hard since we are so far away.  Luckily we have great help from Alina and Cristi (sister & brother-in-law and soon to be godparents).  I admit that I have been going a little crazy with the details, it's in my nature.  But I mean, it's a very momentous event - our first child's baptism.

I'm not really sure what Romanian traditions entail, and Cornel has no clue.  This means that I'm on my own as far as planning is concerned.  I always feel like I walk a fine line as far as the mixing of my traditions with Cornel's, I mean who knows who I will offend and why.  But such is the life in an international relationship.

This is why Saturday we spent almost half a day trying to find something we could give away that was also easy to travel with.  We found cute favor boxes and decided that we would fill them with candy once we got there.

I couldn't help but feel there was something missing.  I mean, I can't just give away a box, can I?  That just isn't like me.  So I decided to make my own programs.  Why not, right? I'm only working full time, have an 8 month old, a husband and a home to take care of, so why not take on a new project?!  In addition to the programs I also made about 2 dozen ribbon flowers to place on top of the boxes.

I bought paper, printed out pictures of Nathan, and spent hours on the computer designing them.  I enlisted the help of Cornel to help cut the paper and tie ribbons.

They are not much yet, but I am proud.  So now, we will spend the rest of time getting ready for our vacation and tying up lose ends.  And while I know that most of these details will go unnoticed in light of the event, it makes me happy to know that I have poured my heart into the preparations of a very special event in my son's life!
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Kimberly said...

I love that you did programs! I'm just as bad, literally a 1/2 hour ago I was wondering what event I shall start planning for now that Alexa's birthday is over!

Sara said...

The programs look great!!

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