Baby's New Ride

As you may know, Nathan makes no attempt to be mobile.  He is perfectly content sitting on the floor and playing with anything within his reach.  He does not want to be bothered with the ever so daunting task of moving anywhere.  If something isn't within his reach, then it was not meant to be played with.  Every once in a while he will roll himself somewhere, but makes no attempt to crawl anywhere.  This was so hard for me to accept at first.  I mean, a baby is supposed to crawl, right?  He is supposed to want to move around and get into things, right?

He does love to stand up.  He loves to be standing and holding on to our hands and pretending to walk.  While this is very sweet, it so exhausting for us.  And so, in order to help with the mobility issue - and to spare ourselves a little back pain from walking bent over - Cornel decided that a new purchase was in order.

Saturday while running crazy errands before our vacation next week, we made a small pitstop at Espace Bebe 9 (baby store) and picked up a walker for Nathan!  We put him in while at the store to "test" drive it for a while.  He loved the toys on top, but didn't really get the idea of moving around in it.  Since it was on sale, we brought it home anyway and set it up.  Now our living room officially looks like a Toys R' Us showroom (with more toys than furniture).

In any case, we set Nathan down in his walker and watched with excitement in anticipation of his first assited "steps".  We imagined Nathan rolling around the house causing havoc wherever he went.  Nothing.  Lots of playing with the toys - no movement.  He did get so excited playing with the toy piano on top that he began kicking his legs in excitement, making the walker move backwards.  Hardly worth the anticipation.

We tried a couple more times.  One time he thought he was in his jumperoo and jumped his way all around the living room.  Squealing in delight.  He looked so cute and happy! My mother keeps saying that once he gets the hang of it, he will be a menace on wheel.  I'm hoping.  I want to see my baby moving around the house.  Although I guess any toy that can make him laugh and smile like he does is a good investment.  That squeal and laugh are afterall some of my favorite sounds in the entire world.  And I'm sure all babies want their own set of wheels.  This will get me used to the idea when he asks to borrow the car at 16!

Oh...and let's not forget what goes great with some new wheels...some new shades!  Courtesy of his daddy!

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Víctor said...

16 en EEUU, 18 en Europa, y nunca sabes...
Por cierto, escribes fenomenal, deberías dedicarte a la literatura.

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