9 months

Wow, in just three short months we are going to be celebrating Nathan's first birthday!  How crazy is that?  My son is now 3/4 of a year old and he is now quite the little boy.

We had a great day with him today, doing some of his favorite activities. We started our day by taking him swimming which was followed of course by our pain au chocolate breakfast.  Nathan had a cookie which he then proceeded to rub all over the inside of his stroller.

We were then off to the store to buy some last minute items for our vacation.  My son, who always has impeccable timing decided to poop as soon as we got in the car. After creating a make-shift changing table in the back seat I notice that it had gone all the way through the onesie, and of course I had no change of clothes.  As I get out the travel wipes I realize there are no more in the container - even better! Cornel rushes back inside the store to buy wipes and we finally get him cleaned off.

The rest of our day was pretty normal, finished up last minute touches for his baptism favors, and just played.  Enjoying the first day of our vacation!

Age - 9 months old today

Height - I have no clue.  We'll find out when goes back to the doctor for his 9 month appointment at the end of the month.

Weight - See above.  I don't know how heavy he is but it is getting harder and harder to carry him up the stairs!  I'm either going to get arms of steal or we're going to have to come up with another system for getting up the stairs.

Sleeping Habits - Still sleeping through the night.  He does have his moments now when he cries right before going down.  I am assuming it is teething related, but it so heartbreaking and I am definitely not the type of mother than can let my son cry it out - it is absolutely heartbreaking.  Lucky for us when he finally goes down, he is down for at least 8 - 9 hours.

Eating Habits -  We started moving away from the purees and started with the finger food.  Although I am not quite sure why we call it finger food, since it seems to get everywhere not just his fingers - his hair, his clothes...I was even lucky enough to find a piece of broccoli in his diaper.  I guess he was saving it for later.

Teeth -   He is now up to three and a half teeth!  Teething hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be.  Although now everything is going into his mouth.  I got bit while changing his diaper and i was shocked by how strong his little teeth are getting.  He also loves brushing his teeth!  It is so cute to watch him with his little toothbrush.

Milestones - We still don't have a crawling baby.  I think he has given up on crawling all together.  He does enjoy rolling all over the place and throwing himself in the general direction of where he wants to go, but he is still limited on his ability to move.  He has now started saying "mamamama", "papapapa", and "abababa".  He either has a strange love of Swedish Pop Music or he is saying what we believe to be water.  Sadly he only says "mamamam" when he is sad, cranky or upset.  I can't wait for him to say "mamama" when he is happy and wants to play.  It is bittersweet to always hear it with tears in his eyes.

I can't believe how far he has come in such a short time.  He gets more and more adorable every day and it is amazing how much more I can love him from one day to the next!

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maricruz said...

I can't believe how much he looks like Cornel...is that right? I always get his name wrong. It's great to have this peek into your life half way around the world!

Sara said...

Happy 9 months Nathan!! I can't believe how much older he looks. I was LOL about the broccoli in the diaper :-)

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