9 month check-up

After Nathan's near death experience aka stomach virus, we decided to bump up his 9 month appointment up a few days to make sure he was okay.  We also needed to make sure that he was healthy to attend his first day at the creche (daycare).

First of all, I have to say that I love our pediatrician.  He has taken care of Nathan since the day he was born.  Quite literally, since he was the pediatrician on duty the night he was born.  What is so great about him is that he never makes us feel dumb or inadequate for any of our questions or concerns and is always willing to give great advice.  But what do I love most about my pediatrician?  His ability to "dumb" things down for me and speak to me in a terminology that I can understand.  This is especially crucial since I am dealing with my son's healthcare professional in a foreign language.  He doesn't even mind when I have to "english-ize" a word that I don't know if French.  I mean there are certain words that just aren't part of my vocabulary ... funny how words like "diarrhea" weren't part of my language classes!

Nathan handled his nine month check-up like a champ.  He played with all the toys and responded to all of the developmental "tests" he had to go through, like sitting by himself and responding to his name and sounds.

As for the quick stats:

Weight:  He is at 8.4 kgs (18.51 pounds)  down 200 grams (.44 pounds) from when he was weighed at the hospital in Romania

Height: 70 centimeters (2.3 feet).  He is almost half my size!

As for his virus, it is officially gone!  We have also been given the okay to resume his normal diet slowly of which we wasted no time.  He has quickly started back up on solids and loves them!  I guess now he can't complain about the mush since all he has had is milk and rice cereal.

And the final verdict on the creche - no problem!  Since he is no longer contagious he got the all clear to go and enjoy life at his new school!  More on this to come.

And so looking back at what I was thankful for last week when Nathan was at his worst, I have to say that this week I'm thankful for:

1.  A healthy happy smiling baby
2.  A good and uneventful flight and trip back home
3.  Amazing medical professionals who sometimes sacrifice so much for our peace of mind
4.  Sleeping in my own bed after two weeks away
5.  The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning
6.  Being able to buy fresh baked bread on my way home

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Alysha said...

glad he is doing better!! Such a sweetie! :)

The Martha Complex said...

Found your blog through Life After Yes - your baby is ADORABLE!

Sisterlisa said...

Aww well I'm glad he is doing better. How scary. Tummy viruses are no fun. :(

Gini said...

Glad he is better! And I am jealous of the fresh baked bread!

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