Stay at home mom experiment - Day 1

Usually when I have a day off work it is for a reason - vacation, appointments, etc., but this weekend I have two days off with my only intent being taking care of Nathan.

My maternity leave lasted until he was nearly four months old; so I used to be a "stay-at-home" mom, but it was winter and we hardly left the house.  Also Nathan was so small that we were limited in the kinds of activities that we could do anyway - other than pooping and sleeping Nathan had very little other skills.

And then the big question...what do I do with an 8 month old?  I don't know anyone who has children Nathan's age - so play groups were out.  There are very few if any activities such as gymboree here in France, and so I thought we were doomed from the very beginning.

After breakfast, I got Nathan and the diaper bag ready.  We were going to the park!  We would have a good time!  And then Nathan got cranky, it was time for his nap.  No park.

Shortly after 1:30, I decided that since Nathan was awake, well fed and happy that now was the perfect moment to get outside.

We had a great time.  At this very moment my life was complete.  I LOVED spending this time with Nathan just the two of us.

And I think my son has a love for photography.  Possibly a future career?  Who knows...but the following pictures are courtesy of Nathan....

The walk back was miserable.  Up-hill - in the heat = exhausted mommy.  I thought I was going to die.  Luckily Nathan was in his shaded stroller sipping on some water = heaven.

I got him out of the stroller, folded it and proceeded to carry him up four flights of stairs!  WHY on earth do we live in France a fourth floor walk-up?  By the time I made it to our front door I was about to die.  Nathan thought this was hysterical because he was kicking his legs, smiling and squealing.  Apparently 8 months is not too young to taunt your mother.

If we lived in a house with a pool we would have gone swimming, but we don't.  And so I provided the next best thing  - the poor baby's swimming pool.  I filled his tub with cool water, dropped in his pool toys and let him go to town.

He splashed and kicked until he nearly fell over of exhaustion.  I took him out and he nearly passed out before I put him into bed.  This is the aftermath of a mommy and son afternoon!

All in all - I think my first day as a "stay-at-home" mom was a success.  I hate that we are alone and don't know very many people to get out and do things with. Monday will be Day 2 of my experiment and hopefully it goes as well as today.
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Quiana said...

what a cutie! looks like he had fun =)

Mothers' Hideaway said...

That's awesome! I just found your blog through SITS and realized you blogged for the same reason I do. For fun and to get things out for yourself!

Anyways, I'm a SAHM and while challenging and not for everyone it's worth it for me! There are a lot of us that talk about all of this at Mothers' Hideaway. Are you thinking about staying home permanently?

Kasie said...

I just hopped over from blog frog. congrats on being a stay at home. I made the switch about a year ago. I love it too! He's a cutie!

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