My son has a giraffe, her name is Sophie.  Maybe you've heard of her?  I hear she is all the rage in baby toys back in the US.  I also hear she is expensive, at least $16 -20.  Here she is simply Sophie and she only costs about 7€.  She's a french toy and is not trendy - but popular.  She has been around forever, and most French people I encounter tell me that they have had their own Sophie growing up.

What makes her so special? Supposedly she is made out of all natural rubber and edible paint.  Who really knows.  She is special because Nathan loves her.  She has been there from the day he was born. Aren't they cute together?

Sometimes it's a love-love relationship like when He sucks on her nose, her ears, her paws (are they called paws on giraffes?).

Sometimes it's a love-hate relationship like when he throws her on the ground, slams her against things and pounds on her just to hear her squeak.

Whatever the situation - they are always together.  It has been his constant companion and his comfort while he's been teething.  This giraffe has seen the world with us...we've taken her to both the North and South of France, she's been to Italy and she made the trip with us to Spain.

It was on this faithful trip to France where Sophie was giraffe-knapped.  Straight up STOLEN!  It is beyond me why someone would take a baby's toy.  A plastic giraffe nonetheless that has been in someone else's mouth, but alas she was stolen.  I don't know who was more devastated, Nathan or I.  It turned me into a horrible person; casing other people's strollers to see if I saw a giraffe;  giving the evil eye to all the little kids I saw walking around as if maybe they had been malicious enough to steal the giraffe.  I mean, what would I do if I saw her?  Accuse that mother or child of giraffe theft?  I obviously had not thought the plan through.

Nathan's innocence had been robbed that day and he didn't even know it.  Our hearts were heavy and a grey cloud hung over our heads.  Neither I or Cornel could speak about how we could have let our son's most prized possesion disappear.

We never found her, and so, on our return from Spain while at the market replenishing the fridge we bought Sophie #2. This giraffe had become the vane of my existence.  I truly feel like I spent more time looking after the giraffe than Nathan.  Always asking Cornel, "do you have Sophie?", "is Sophie in the diaper bag?", etc. etc. 
We had this idea to tie Sophie on to Nathan's wrist, but who are we kidding - it took the little guy five seconds to figure out how to take off the velcro.  The plus side is that now it is so super easy to tie Sophie on to the stroller, the carseat, the diaper bag, my purse.  She still runs the risk of being stolen, but it will be a little trickier than just picking her up.  It is so nice to not have to worry about the giraffe ending up on the floor either!  So now, with Sophie #2 in place and well contained all is well with the world again!  Plus she just looks so cute now with her new accessory, because after all, all girls deserve one great accessory!

Hopefully she will stay put this time because I don't think this household can handle another missing giraffe.

This post was originally written in June of 2010.

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Kim said...

First - your son is adorable! I know Sophie and you're right - around these parts she's way overpriced!

Galit Breen said...

Your son (and Sophie!) are adorable!

I loved this part: "Our hearts were heavy and a grey cloud hung over our heads. Neither I or Cornel could speak about how we could have let our son's most prized possesion disappear." because it showed all of the urgency that are babies and lovies!

Jack said...

My kids had a few toys like that- without them they would go nuts.

Mandyland said...

You have a simply adorable baby. Too cute for words!

Ah, Sophie. I'm so sorry she was stolen and I'm so glad you were able to give her a tres chic tie.

And that's the extent of my French.

Visiting from TRDC.

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