On Thursdays I like to remind myself what I'm thankful for, a way of getting myself back to reality.  I love to complain about things, a lot, and so on Thursdays I like to take the opportunity to remind myself of all the great things that I have going on in my life.

All week I've been sick - miserable sick.  I haven't felt this bad since before Nathan was born.  Go figure - 8 months of winter I never got sick, one month of summer and I'm out of commission!  All I've wanted to do all week is crawl into bed and sleep and wallow in my misery - but this was obviously unrealistic.

In spite of my head wanting to explode, being unable to breath and talk - I wake myself up every single morning - get ready (not without whining and complaining about how crappy I feel) and go to work.  The one great thing about having a stuffy nose is that my French has improved significantly.  I can finally pronounce all those crazy nasal sounds which are so hard to mimic otherwise.

The worst part about being sick is not being able to take care of Nathan.  He has never been sick in his short eight months of life and I do not want to be responsible for his first cold.  I could not imagine having him feel like I feel.  And so, I have been trying to keep my distance from my irresistible little boy.  I try not to feed him and always try to sanitize and wash my hands before I touch him.  I limit my kisses and try not to keep him too close for too long.  It breaks my heart.  He reaches out for me and I can't hold him like he's used to.  No goodnight kisses- nothing.  I think this is hurting me much more than it is hurting him.

This is why, today, when faced with what I was thankful for I found it hard to focus on the positive.  Being a sick mom is the hardest thing in the world.  You still have a little person depending on you and, unlike work, you can't call in sick from being a mom. 

This got me thinking as to how I survived this week and the answer was simple.  What would I do without Cornel who has stepped up and taken control of the situation?  He wakes up extra early in the morning to make Nathan his cereal, gives Nathan his dinner, his bath and plays with him non-stop.  Somehow during all of this, he still finds the time to make me homemade chicken soup and puts up with my cranky over the top moods.  I am truly one lucky girl.

He doesn't even complain when I curl up with him on the couch when he is trying to watch the World Cup (although I'm sure he'd wish I would leave him alone).  And while we are on the subject of the World Cup, I am so happy that Spain pulled off a win!  I am really hoping for a Spanish speaking winning team.  And besides, Nathan just looks to darn cute in his little Spanish soccer shirt!

And so, even though it has been a horrible week, I guess I really am thankful for many things, such as: a great husband who takes care of me and baby when i'm sick; homemade chicken soup; and quite cozy family time on the couch, even if it is with a stuffy nose. 

And of course, I'm thankful for my friends that click on the cute little brown button on the top of my blog! ;)
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Alysha said...

thanks for stopping by! I hope you can start to feel better son! Your little guy is sooo cute!

Libertad said...

I hope you feel better soon Barbara. Nathan looks adorable in his EspaƱa shirt. I hope you all enjoy watching the game on Sunday. You are very lucky that Nathan hasn't been sick yet, congrats!

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