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We had been putting off going to the grocery store for days.  It is one the task I hate the most and usually I can convince Cornel to go in my place.  This usually turns out to be a disaster.  I send him list in hand and he comes back with his interpretation of the list.  In no way is Schweps grapefruit soda comparable to Lemonade or Gingerale.  I really shouldn't complain, since I know what I am getting myself into when I avoid going to the store.  I can also be assured that he will come back with a few "extra" items, such as an action DVD, toys for Nathan, etc. etc.

This week we put it off until Sunday.  This is super dangerous in France since very few stores are open on Sunday and if they are it is only until noon.  Luckily the store just a few blocks away is one of these stores, and so on Sunday morning we packed up Nathan and headed to the store (it was also nice to spend some time in the air conditioning). 

Usually we go to the store after work and Nathan is usually sleeping.  This means that we usually have to take him in his stroller in order not to distrub him.  But since this was Sunday morning and before his nap he was wide awake.  This meant that he would get to take his first ever supermarket cart ride (or buggie ride if you are in the South).

Last August before Nathan was even born, I had picked up this super cute blue cart cover for just this type of occasion.  It has riden around in our trunk for months.  Literally months.  I was so excited to get to use it for the first time.  First things first - how the heck does this thing fit in the cart?  There were straps and elastics and pockets. Wow! I was really sorry I had thrown out the instructions last year, I didn't imagine it could be so complicated.  It aslo didn't help that the carts are not the same size in France as they are in the states.  Luckily Cornel figured it out and we were set!  I was so excited to put Nathan in the cart!

He had a great time.  The one problem with Nathan being in the cart is that the world was within his grasp.  When I say world, I of course mean everything on the shelves he could wrap his little hands on, including the magazines at the check out line.  I didn't have enough hands to put the things down before he picked something else up! Ahh, the joys of motherhood.

I am also surprised that of all the kids riding around in carts at the store, Nathan was the only one in his cool little cover.  I am starting to wonder if these type of things even exist in France because he was getting some rather strange looks from other parents.  Whatever the case, I can't wait to take him on another ride.  The excitement of the cart ride tuckered him out and he went down as soon as we walked in the door!  My little baby is growing up so fast.

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Elle The Heiress said...

I'm the complete opposite: I LOVE grocery shopping (well, until the paying part comes). I usually go on Sundays, early in the morning - around 5 or 6 AM. I like to beat the crowd and be able to bask in the glory of all the food just waiting for me to take it home and turn it into something delicious. The ironic part? I'm a terrible cook. I can count on one hand the number of meals I've cooked in the past 6 years that I've actually enjoyed. Funny, right?

Sebastian has a blue cart cover, too and we use it all the time. I was lost at first, too, but now I can throw it on like a pro! I'm sure you'll get better as you use it more.

jerry said...
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