Nathan's getting Baptized

In just 2 1/2 short weeks we will be officially be on vacation!  This is not just another vacation this is our big summer vacation - you know the one where we are forced to vacate the country because it practically shuts down the entire month of August!  That vacation.  Last year we were lucky enough to go back to the States to visit Nate and Brent in Atlanta and then fly to Arizona to visit my parents and of course have a baby shower!

This year we will be on our way to visit Cornel's family in Romania.  And because it is not a vacation without stressing ourselves out with some sort of project or event we will be having Nathan's baptism.  I suppose that I was in complete denial that August has arrived so quickly, especially since it hasn't felt like summer has started (it was jacket weather again today).  But alas, it has and now we must begin the crazy task of planning a baptism from hundreds of miles away.

My sister-in-law Alina has been wonderful at planning and finding a church and a restaurant, but now comes the ever daunting task of details!  Today I put together the invitations to print and mail out by the beginning of next week.  Again, this is the part where you lie to me and tell me how wonderful and professional they look.  And of course the part where you reassure me that they do not look like they were hand made on my Mac.

And then there are still the details, like choosing favors to give away, pictures, menus, etc.  But like everything else I am sure these things will work themselves out.  Sometimes it is hard to take my head out of the details to try and focus on the big picture.

I should be focusing on how grateful I am.  Grateful and thankful for:

1.  My amazing sister-in-law who has selflessly taken on the task of organizing Nathan's baptism celebration for us.

2.  Having chosen Alina and Cristi as the godparents to Nathan - he is one lucky baby to have such wonderful people to care for him and love him.

3.  Even though we are living far away to have the chance to introduce our son to God in the presence of family and friends.

4.  And of course, the 42 vacation days they give us here in France to allow us to take an entire month of for vacation.

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Alysha said...

oh boy what a meaningful event. Remember #3 and repeat it to yourself over and over again as you start to get stressed with the details. All this day is really about is dedicating Nathan to the Lord :)

Barbara said...

Thank you! Honestly, this is what I am the most thankful for,and the fact that we have the chance to be able to do it surrounded by family who loves him means so much more!

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