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I was always so envious when I would see professional photographs of babies.  I wanted the same kind of pictures for Nathan but could never find the right photographer.  I searched the internet, the yellow pages (did you know they still publish these?) and even managed to ask some locals.  I suppose it was just bad luck living in Clermont-Ferrand - the choice of photographers is slim, or should I say one.  She is expensive, very expensive, and her pictures look like something you can get at the Sears photo studio (I'm not knocking the Sears photo studio, I just don't think I need to pay 275 euros for it).

And so, I thought that Nathan would never have the luxury of having professional photographs taken.  I should say that Cornel bought a fabulous new camera before Nathan was born, and he does take great professional grade pictures (who says love isn't blind), but they just weren't the same.  He has captured some amazing moments in Nathan's life, but I also wanted a picture of the three of us that didn't involve a timer.

One day I was browsing the Facebook page of my friend Kim.  She is also an American and expat wife living here in Clermont.  While looking at her page I saw the cutest pictures of babies.  Since I can't resist a cute baby, I just started browsing.  I told Cornel that those were the kind of pictures that I was looking to find for Nathan, and then I saw the watermark.  I think my exact thoughts were "Oh my God she's a photographer!", and then my second thought was, "I wonder if I can convince her to take Nathan's pictures?".

Lucky for me - she agreed!  I was so excited (Cornel was a little less excited since he had loved being the exclusive photographer for Nathan).  Sadly, the weather here has been less than perfect - cold and rainy; and so the pictures had to be postponed.

This past Friday the day started off promising with the sun shining and so I sent Kim a message to see if she had time to take Nathan's pictures that day.  We set up a time for later that afternoon, and of course - the clouds started rolling in.  I was praying that even though it was cloudy, the rain would stay away long enough to get some good shots of Nathan.

We met at the Parc de Montjoly right down the road from both of our houses.  Thanks to all the rain, the landscape was beautiful.  Nathan was a trooper, and he loved working with Kim.  She definitely has a magic touch with babies - my quiet and shy baby was all smiles for her.  It had been a great afternoon, and Nathan just assumed it was playtime.

Last night I saw the sneak peak!  A select few photographs of Nathan from that afternoon, and they came out amazing.  I can't thank Kim enough.  She is extremely talented!!  And now here is sneak peak at Nathan's wonderful pictures.

All pictures are courtesy of Kimberly Cabe Photography:

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Kim Cabe said...

Thanks Barbara! You made me tear up (and blush at all the compliments!). I am so glad you are happy with the photos, and I am SO glad you have an adorable baby that I could practice with!

Jen said...

Wow! Those are great pictures. Kim is very talented and what a cute baby!!!

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