The Little Things in Life

There was nothing better than waking up in the morning and having a cup of coffee vanilla flavored coffee (or a skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks), maybe an english muffin with peanut butter or a nice bowl of oatmeal.  I never imagined comming to France and being able to fnd any of these things.  I guess the hard part was being able to find these thing was the language barrier, I mean certain things just don't come in the English-French dictionary.

Little by little I started adapting and I did manage to find peanut butter which literally translated is beurre des cacahu├Ętes, but at 4 euros (almost $6) for a tiny jar of Skippy, it has now become one of my "luxury" items.  I also managed to find oatmeal which translates to avoine.  I even managed to find the Quaker Avoine, but the consistency and the flavor were nothing like the oatmeal is the states.  Then came the french vanilla creamer, which ironically enough is NOT french!  I was not able to find this in any store.  There is a great website for americans in europe called My American Market, but this item was always sold out (apparently I am not the only one with a great love for flavored coffee) and of course Amazon does not ship this item outside the states.  When my mom came to visit in December she brought me two big containers, but by February they were gone.

This is why when I found out that one of my colleagues was making a trip back to the States, I wasted no time in giving her a short list of items to bring back:  Coffemate vanilla creamer and instant quaker oats oatmeal!

I received my goodies on Wednesday and I was so excited.  It truly is amazing how the little things from home can just brighten your day!  So if any of you are making the trip from the US to France, please stop by with some instant oatmeal or some vanilla coffee creamer!
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Elle The Heiress said...

I can't live without Drumsticks ice cream cones. Would I be able to find those in France?

Barbara said...

Yes those you can find! I am now on the lookout for Cheerios! They have the honey nut kind but not plain!

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