Boeuf Bourgignon

In an effort to become more domestic I have decided to take up a new hobby, cooking.  I don't just mean cooking like making spaghetti or mac and cheese, but some actual cooking.  We bought a new cast iron enameled pot and I really wanted to try it out.  Feeling inspired, I decided to make Boeuf Bourgignon!  I mean, why not?! So I looked up the recipe on the internet (where else?), made my shopping list, and was ready to go.

We go to a wonderful butcher and we decided that in honor of Bouef Bourgignon we would actually buy beef from the Burgogne region.  This is the region in France in the mid-east where Dijon is located, and yes, where the make the mustard!  I am not really sure what is so special about this beef, but if I was going to commit to this cooking thing, I was going to do it right!  Since I consider myself a wine amateur, Cornel was in charge in picking out the cooking wine.  What else - Bourgogne (Burgandy wine).

Let me just preface this by saying, that I was not prepared for the work that this recipe entails.  It was not complicated, just very time consuming with many many steps.  This is definitely a meal, that requires a great deal of organization, timing and patience.  I made the mistake of wanting to make this meal for a Sunday lunch and starting to cook at 10 a.m.  Since it took about four and a half hours to prepare and cook we ended up having a very late lunch.

To begin this meal, you brown the beef and you brown thick pieces of bacon (lardons) in the bacon fat with the bacon rind.  It sounds disgusting, but the ending flavor is amazing.  I never knew bacon fat could be delicious!  After the meat and the bacon are browned, you brown the vegetables in the same bacon fat.

You add wine, beef broth, flour and mix the vegetables with the beef all in the same pot!


This delicious concoction then goes into the oven for approximately 3 - 4 hours until the sauce is thick and the meat is so tender that it practically melts in your mouth.

I would like to say that my first French cooking experience was a success, but since we were so hungry it was hard to be objective.  

I would highly recommend this recipe to anyone who has a few hours to kill in the kitchen and wants to enjoy an authentic French meal.  I hope to find the patience to make it again sometime.

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Toi said...

that is quite a feat for a beginning domestic goddess. i don't know if i have that kind of patience. good for you.

Shannon said...

That looks absolutely delicious!

Maryline said...

I should say I'm very impressed !! Bourguignon is a very delicious meal, and even if I didn't taste your, on picture it seems very nice !!!I'm very impressed too by all efforts and time you and Cornel have made to do it !!
just a quick tip: if you have a "cocotte minute" at home, you can also use it to cook bourguignon (and also boeuf carottes and a lot of others very french meals). With the cocotte it is a lot faster, and the "cocotte minute" cooking book is always very easy to follow. Congratulations again !!

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