Winter not so wonderland

Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not handle cold weather well.  I was after all brought up in Arizona where winter weather consists of 60 degrees (and yes I was one of those people who wore a coat to keep warm)!  Other than the occasional weekend trip up north or a random ski weekend, I was never a person that had any desire to live anywhere cold.  Frankly, I truly enjoyed the fact that snow was a novelty for me.  I never felt like I was cheated out of anything by not growing up with snow.  It was completely normal that Christmases were NOT white, and that it was perfectly acceptable to go out in a light sweater for New Year's Eve.

With all of this being said, how is it that I am now living in a place where it has snowed the last two winters in a row?  Last year was very cold and I had to cave in and purchase what I like to call my first "winter" coat.  I never knew that my entire life I was living in a "fall coat".  I mean really, if there is a need to make that sort of distinction between coats, it is too freakin' cold!  While it was very cold last year, this year has been downright miserable!  There is nothing wonderful about a week long snow storm.  What is really nice is when the sun comes out just long enough to melt some of the snow and quickly turning it into ice.  It makes it so enjoyable to go out in a snow storm worrying about breaking your ass on a piece of ice!  I will try not be so negative, it was very pretty to enjoy from the comfort of my home, but I cannot be expected to live IN my home for an entire week without going to the outside world.

What is really enjoyable is that the city, or the country for that matter, was completely not prepared for such weather conditions, so there was very little plowing that was done, and forget about salt anywhere to prevent the ice.  While in most places this wouldn't be so bad, the fact that we live in a city plagued by hills, it makes even a simple trip to the grocery store seem like a game of russian roulette.

I guess what I really do not understand is all of this talk about "global warming".  I would like someone to please explain to me how global warming leads to all of us freezing our tails off and over 12 inches of snow?

I suppose I am just meant to live in a warm climate, preferably somewhere near a beach or at least outdoor swimming pools where I can sit outside enjoying the fresh air at least 8 months a year, but for now this is just wishful thinking.

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