1 Month Old

I can't believe that Nathan is one month old already! Where has the time gone? I feel like he is going to go off to college before I know it. It has been a wonderful and exhausting month filled with many firsts! I still can't believe that my little guy is here, especially since I should be writing his birth story right about now. 

The first few weeks were very trying for me. Nathan was born premature with jaundice and very underweight. It is very trying as a mother to see your son in an incubator and not be able to hold him against you like most new mothers get to do. It was also hard to be in the hospital for so long and to watch your son get poked with needles and see his little hands and feet bruised from the needle marks. Luckily now, he is healthy and growing and seems to be a happy baby.

Coming home was wonderful! It was so amazing to finally have the baby in the room we had worked so hard to prepare. He fills the house with his cries, coos and his toys have taken over the entire house. I wonder how we ever lived in a quiet house, I cannot imagine the house looking any different. Adjusting to the late night (early morning) feedings has also been very hard. There are times when I wish I could just ignore the monitor and go back to sleep. Luckily, they are becoming fewer and I am able to get a little more sleep at night. I have also been blessed with a wonderful husband who stays up with Nathan when he is awake to let me sleep as much as I can before waking up for the next feeding.

This month Nathan also met his Nana Beatriz (grandma) for the first time, and I am just hoping that she doesn't spoil him too much with all of the hugging and kissing! 

We went to the pediatrician a few days ago and Nathan seems to be progressing very well considering how small he was born! Here are a few of his stats

Age - 1 month 2 days
Weight - On Monday he weighted 3.3 KG's, or 7lbs 4 oz ( a 2 pound weight gain)
Height - 51 cm or 20.08 inches (a 3 inch gain)
Eating - I am currently nursing, but since he is not an effective sucker we have to give me supplements of formula. This has been extremely difficult for me. I feel like a horrible mother since I can't properly feed my own son. I am pumping after each feeding and trying to give him the expressed milk as a supplement to limit the amount of formula that we give him, at least for the first few months.
Sleeping - It has gotten much better! He is only waking up about twice at night and averaging a feeding about ever four hours. It makes such a difference on my sanity to get four straight hours of sleep.

There haven't been to many other changes this month, it is just amazing to see how much he has changed in just four weeks. His face has completely changed and he is so much more alert! I can't wait until I can start playing with him.

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