What's in a name?

Everyone keeps asking if we have found a name for the baby yet, and the answer is yes. I have to admit that finding a name for our son has been very very difficult. I am sure that most parents struggle to find a name for their child, but for us it has been four times more difficult, literally. We had to find a name for our son that we not only liked, but that sounded good in the four languages that will be heard in our house hold, yes that is right four. We had to find a name that sounded good in Romanian, Spanish, English and of course French. While there were many names that we both liked and many that we didn't agree on, there was always one language in which it sounded horrible! We both immediately fell in love with the name Ethan, but the way it sounded in French was too similar to a lingerie store here, and I couldn't imagine what his childhood would be like.

It was a little more complicated than it seems to, since we wanted to find a name that was meaningful too. My sister-in-law had suggested Alexander. Since we got married in the town of Alexandria in St. Alexander's cathedral, we thought it was perfect, however, not for the first name. We searched on the internet, in books everywhere and discounted names like Kermit, Doctor, Lucifer.... we kept coming back to Ethan. And then, while watching a French T.V. program about babies, I heard the name Nathan. I didn't know this name existed in French, and then we thought hey why not? Once we found out that it meant "gift from God" and he would be born in December, it was confirmed. Our little Christmas gift from God...and therefore we have officially chosen the baby's name!

Nathan Alexander

It is such a relief to not have to keep calling him baby, or him, but now we can actually start calling him by his name! We are so excited... and now all that is left is to meet little Nathan in just 11 short weeks!

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Klayroark said...

That is so sweet Barbara,

I love your story. I was born in December as well so I know the challenge.

I am sure another Nathan we know we be happy you picked a cool name.

Hope your having fun, best wishes and love for the rest of your 11 weeks till your bundle of joy shows up.

mryrecon said...

Love the name B. Boys names are always so hard.

grlnxtdoor said...

It's perfect!!! Although I myself was a fan of Kermit...

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